What do I need for a Protection Order?

What information do I need when I go to fill-out a protection order?

You will need the following:

  • Photo Identification

  • The other party’s home or work address

  • The other party’s age

  • A physical description of the other party

  • Whether you have been a party in any other court cases

  • Your address

  • Your date of birth

  • The names of your children

  • Specific information about the threat or harm; When did it happen? On what day were you hurt? What happened that led up to the threat? What led up to the party hurting you? Are you afraid of the other party? And, information about other threats or times the other person has hurt you.

For more information contact Healing Hearts & Families at 308-872-2420. If this is an emergency call the 24-hr crisis line at 308-872-5988 or 1-800-942-4040.

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